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About Bee

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Bee Authentic Pilates is Here For You! 

  • Here to help you properly learn the exercises of Pilates,

  • Here feel confident and comfortable on the equipment and

  • Here to help you to progress in overall body development.


Committed to meeting you where you are at -and working with you to achieve a workout that will enhance and challenge you. 

Offering private instruction, and class options. 

Pilates is an amazingly versatile method of exercise.  With an extensive library of exercises with modifications and variations, Pilates can work for every one and every level.  

It is the sincere desire of Bee Authentic Pilates to help you uncover and see the incredible depth of strength you possess within.  Even if you have never seen it before, even if you didn’t think it was there. 

Dear friend, here you are supported in your journey of self growth and honored you decide to come here. 

The Equipment

In Pilates, the equipment is called apparatus.  Its not a machine because in the words of Romana, Joe Pilate's protege,

       "..a machine moves you.  

                       Pilates is the other way around."


Traditional classical equipment designed to make YOU work because you work to make it work.  Classical equipment is more simplistic in design which increases the flow from exercise to exercise. The springs are gentler and while they provide a level of resistance, they will not do the work for you.  They are just enough to enhance an exercise and provide the necessary resistance. 

The result is a more uniformly developed body. 

Studio Owner, Harmony Jelinek

Pilates Instructor, Pilates student.  I've been practicing Pilates since 2009 and continue to find excitement and improvement in my skill and technique.  Pilates IS a lifelong endeavor and I can't wait to share my passion with you!


I created Bee Authentic Pilates because I wanted a studio in North Snohomish county that was close to my home that I would LOVE to work out at!  


One of the most important features to me was that the studio would offer authentic Pilates which would let students experience the FULL range of the Pilates repitoire -NOT just Mat OR (occasionally) Reformer like most studios.  Pilates is a system of exercise with a vast range of tools.  By only learning mat or reformer your progress is slowed and limited.  


I also wanted this to be a place of COMMUNITY, where clients can work out, grow and have classes together.  I believe classes are the best setting to get in touch with your body and to learn to take charge of your form and advancement.  Its the best place to indepedently learn the feel of the exercises in your body and to experience the empowering feeling of progression.  Its true!  You ARE capable of such amazing feats of strength and capability!  You just need to trust the process and stick with it.  


At Bee Authentic Pilates, I want the studio to be a place of empowerment for you, and through classes, and a variety of private and appointment session options, it is my hope that you will find all the tools you need to achieve your fitness goals.  

If you would like to read more of MY personal Pilates journey, there's a blog post for that.  Read about my journey HERE.  

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