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Pilates by Appointment:  

Appointment Options:  
Trio, Duet or Private Reformer 
OR   Full-studio Privates

Reformer Private_edited_edited.jpg

What's the Difference? 

Reformer Privates: 

A good way to hone your reformer technique, learn adaptations ta accomodate your body needs and to advance in form and skill.  

Reformer Duets or Trios: 

Just like a reformer private, but with one or two companions.  This is a great way to work out with one or two friends at a time that you can fit into your schedule.  

Full-Studio Privates: 

Full studio private sessions are for clients who are not yet ready for a class setting, who perfer the full range of pilates apparatus, or who just prefer to do pilates at a time that is best for them in a fashion that is tailored just to them.  

Reformer Trios and Duets are not available for online scheduling, and require instructor approval prior to appointment scheduling.  Trios and Duets are subject to compatible experience levels of clients. 

To Schedule:
Call us! 
Go to Bookings Page.  

After selecting your appointment, you'll be prompted to select a pricing package.  

To learn more about pricing options and getting started, head over to the buy & book page

Something for Everyone


New to Pilates and want to start with Private sessions?  This is a great way to try Full studio sessions AND Reformer private sessions. Get familiar with the equipment and learn how to best adapt the exercises to  your body. 

Private Lesson Intro Special:


2 ea. Full Studio Private Sessions +

2 ea. Reformer Private Sessions

$236 (+tax)

Reformer Private Package Pricing:  

1 @ $60

5 @ $290

10 @ $560

**Packages expire within 6 months of purchase**

Reformer Private Memberships  

Weekly reformer private:  $216 / mo

**Commit to 6-months of Pilates and get rewarded with lowest prices, priority booking for reformer series and 10% off retail purchases.**

Reformer Trio Package Pricing:  

1 @ $42

5 @ $195

10 @ $360

**Packages expire within 6 months of purchase**

Reformer Duet Package Pricing:  

1 @ $50

5 @ $235

10 @ $440

**Packages expire within 6 months of purchase**

Duet Membership:


Weekly reformer duet:  

$175 / mo / person

**Online scheduling not available for Duet or Trio sessions.  Contact the studio for Scheduling**

Full Studio Private_edited_edited.jpg

Full Studio Private Pricing:  

Package:             Membership:

1 @ $75                   1x/wk @ $279 / mo

5 @ $360                 2x/wk @ $541 / mo

10 @ $690

**Packages expire within 6 months of purchase**

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