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Are you ready to feel a new level of freedom and excitement for your life? 

Unleash your dreams and find the freedom within to start living the life of your destiny.  

Experience the energy of Chakradance! 

What IS Chakradance? 

Chakradance is a healing modality that utilizes expressive self-led dance, chakra resonant music, mandala artwork and togetherness to heal and re-tune your entire body system.  Quite simply, it is rhythm for your soul; a dynamic moving meditation. 

Chakradance was created over 25 years ago by Natalie Southgate, a creative visionary from Australia.


It is my profound honor to be one of the many world-wide licensed facilitators getting to share this incredible modality with my community.  


I have to admit, Chakradance has re-invigorated MY life!  

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Remember when you were a kid and you used to dance and play?  You still can! 

Here is an short video showing what Chakradance is like.  

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When is Chakradance? 

Chakradances are Fridays at 4pm on the following dates:  

May 24th
June 7th & 21st
July 12th & 19th

Chakradances are approximately 1:15-1:30 hours long. 

Bring a friend for free during the summertime

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