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6-Week Reformer Series

What is a 6-week reformer series? 

A once-a-week class you sign-up for that will regularly meet at a scheduled time for 6 sessions. 


  • Whole class is starting at a certain level and progressing together. 

  • Class is able to grow and learn together in a progressive way. 

  • 6-week commitment to you and your fitness, you know you'll have a spot in the class that works for you during the entire series duration.  

Reformer duet_edited.jpg

Maximum class size:  4 people

Current 6-week Series Info:  
The next round of 6-week series Reformer classes is now open for sign up!

Classes start the week of Oct. 31st, with the last class the week of Dec. 5th

Reformer Series Schedule: 

Reformer Trio_edited_edited.png

Mon @ 12pm -INTRO
Tues @11 am -Foundational cont. 
Weds @ 12 pm -INTRO
Sat @ 10 am -Foundational cont. 

Tues @ 4 pm -INTRO
Weds @ 5 pm -Foundational cont. 
Thurs @ 5 pm -INTRO


6-week reformer series:  

                    $210 (before Sales Tax)

**If a reformer series isn't fully booked, the remaining spaces will be available as drop-in**

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