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Proper care for your reformer.

Your session is over and you can't believe you made it. You feel refreshed and energized and way better than when you walked in the door.

In this moment, its easy to forget all the practical stuff:

Did you remember to take your water bottle?

Do you have all your things?

Have you spritzed off all the things that tortured you today?

Do you have your reformer set up and ready to go for the next lucky victim?

Wha?! Yes friend. It may have been a minute since we went over the proper way to leave your reformer.

Its necessary for the next person so they can start at the same place of ease that you did.

You want the handles to be on the pegs without searching around.

You want the spring settings to be at their usual place so you can get to work on footwork straight away instead of discovering during first footwork set that things are off. Literally. Like where are your springs? And now you have to stop and set it all up. The best way to avoid all this stopping and starting is to help out the next client and leave the reformer when you are done set up for the first exercise.

I mean, when you were working out you made the transitions part of the exercise, right? And when you were working out you were setting yourself up for the next exercise, right?

Leaving the reformer ready to go for the next person is no different.

Here's a brief refresh on how to leave the reformer when you are finished.

Its super quick and easy. And once its a habit you won't even think about it. It'll just come naturally.

Here we go.

  1. Make sure the handles are on the pegs.

  2. Make sure you are leaving 3 (or 4) springs on.

Rinse & repeat. Its just that easy. And makes such a huge difference.

Your instructor will thank you. The next student will thank you!


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